• Industrial GateWay
    Wutong Bolian · WG series industrial intelligent gateway is a high reliability industrial intelligent gateway that supports the collection of data of various industrial equipment such as PLC, instrument, water environmental protection, power equipment, CNC, and has protocol analysis and edge computing. It is the core edge node for building industrial Internet system.
    Equipment Network
    Data Collection
    Protocol Analysis
    Edge Computing
    Cloud Access
    Open Interface
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    Industrial DTU
    Wutong Bolian·WD Data Terminal mainly realizes the acquisition and control of digital DI, DO, analog AI, and AO of on-site industrial equipment, and realizes the functions of LORA local networking and 4G data cloud, so as to realize Data acquisition and control of field sensors, actuators, indicator lights, etc.
    Digital DI, DO
    transparent transmission
    Modbus RTU
    Analog AI, AO
    LORA transmission
    4G to the cloud
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    Industrial Router
    Wutong Bolian·WR series industrial wireless router is a network connection that supports 5G/4G/WIFI/Ethernet, etc., supports VPN networking, and provides low-latency, high-reliability, and high-security network access for field devices. input, so as to realize large-scale equipment networking applications.
    5G/4G networking
    WiFi networking
    VPN networking
    Reconnect after disconnection
    Remote management
    High safety and reliability
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    Wutong Bolian Equipment Remote Maintenance System is a software and hardware system that realizes remote maintenance and operation of distributed equipment. Configuration, remote diagnostics, remote debugging and remote upgrade procedures.
    Remote configuration
    Remote debugging
    Remote upload and download
    Remote maintenance
    Remote monitoring
    Preventive maintenance
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    Wutong Bolian·The industrial equipment data platform is a highly concurrent cloud platform for remote management and visualization of industrial equipment data, which is widely used in intelligent factory data acquisition middle platform, remote equipment operation management platform, Internet of Things data cloud platform in various industries, etc.
    Equipment access
    Efficient data collection
    Configuration Control
    Data analysis
    Preventive maintenance
    API interface
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    Wutong Bolian·The equipment remote access cloud platform is a fast access platform for real-time monitoring of distributed equipment data, which adopts SAAS cloud service mode to establish real-time online data channels for the interconnection of various industrial equipment data at the industrial site.
    Project monitoring
    Device interconnection
    No public IP required
    Fast and low cost access
    Live online channel
    Peer-to-peer communication
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    About us

    Wutong Bolian, founded in 2011, is a professional provider of industrial Internet of Things products and industrial digital solutions.

    Wutong Bolian focuses on providing industrial intelligent gateway, industrial data acquisition terminal, equipment remote maintenance management system, industrial equipment data cloud platform and other products and solutions for equipment manufacturers, intelligent factories, industrial projects and other fields, to help customers achieve digital operation management and industrial Internet new value mining.

    Wutong Bolian's products are widely used in intelligent factories, equipment manufacturers, environmental protection industry, energy industry, municipal engineering, industrial automation, smart agriculture, building intelligence and other industrial fields.

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